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December 17, 2012
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You’re screaming at the top of your lungs.

You had no idea that a storage bin lid on snow could travel so quickly.

Still facing backwards, you and your lid take a sudden right turn, narrowly missing what could have been a very gnarly crash into your neighbor’s house. You have a death grip on the edges of your “sled,” trying to turn around and avoid a trip to the hospital. You’re going way too fast for you to just put your legs out to stop yourself or to just bail. Nope, you’re stuck where you are.

All of a sudden, you feel a blast of cold wind.

Jack Frost is there, following you, flying parallel to the ground, his face only inches from yours as you continue to sled.

“Miss me?” He jokes, smiling widely.

Forgetting your predicament, you focus on him, lightly blushing from his proximity. “Where did you go?” you yell over the wind.

He jerks his head over you as if indicating something up ahead (or rather, behind you). “You took too long! I went to prep the course!”

“Prep the…? What?”

You take a left. You swear that you saw little Jamie staring aghast at you on the sidelines.

He laughs at your fear and confusion. “You’re gonna love it! Stay with me!” He flies past you, grabbing the edge of your lid and turning you around as he does. He hovers momentarily beside you, flashing you another one of his winning smiles and winking.

Oh boy, you’re really in for something.

He flies upwards to a few feet above and to your right. He has his arms and staff to his sides, legs slightly apart. He’s really enjoying this.

He points ahead of you. “Brace yourself!”

Confused, you look in front of you.

Your eyes have never gotten wider.

In front of you lies a winter rollercoaster. There are snow-made skateboard-looking jumps and elevated turns winding all through the street and along houses, hills and dips, and…

Is that a loop-de-loop?

You grip the sides of your bin lid even tighter. You close your eyes as you come upon the first jump.

You scream and feel yourself leave the ground. Butterflies flutter uncontrollably in your stomach as you descend, landing back on the course (surprisingly) lightly, the ramp magically disappearing behind you. You open your eyes, thrill and fun replacing your fear. You smile wide as you swerve and take an elevated left turn.

“Woohoo! Yeah!” you shout, becoming daring enough to put your arms up. Jack zooms in front of you at times, refreshing the ice path by just pointing his staff, saying “Don’t worry, I gotcha!” He hovers high in the air at others, cheering you on and just watching you enjoy the ride. He laughs along with you the entire time.

You soon face the loop-de-loop and hold onto the sides of the lid, a mischievous grin spreading across your face this time.

“You ready for this?” Jack teases as he flies beside you.

“Bring it!” you respond, having the time of your life.

He chuckles. “All right, you asked for it!” he says as he flies behind you.

You feel a sudden gust of air push you even faster.

“W-whoaaaa!” The air pulls back at your face, and you take the loop-de-loop at at least 30 miles per hour.

Regular. Sideways. Completely upside-down. Sideways again.

You come out of the loop laughing like a person gone completely insane.

The giddiness immediately leaves you when you see a ridiculously huge ramp going up into the air with no landing one afterwards. Only a house.

Oh no, you think. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no no no! You look in as many directions as you can for Jack. He’s nowhere to be found. Again. Where has he gone off to THIS time? you wonder, panicking.

You brace yourself again, close your eyes, and take the jump.

You feel yourself going upwards for a good amount of time. You peek out of your eye to see that you’re a good fifty feet in the air. You drop your lid out of shock and fright.

You begin to descend and see your life flash before your eyes. You scream as loudly as you can.


No response.

This is how I die, you think to yourself. You cover your eyes with your arms as you continue to fall, preparing yourself for impact.

Then, out of nowhere, a massive, strong gust of wind pushes you further back into the air.

You extend your arms, and the wind pushes you even farther up. You open your eyes again to see that you’re higher than you were before, floating probably a hundred feet or so above the rooftops of houses.

You’re utterly astounded.

I’m…flying. Oh my gosh, I’m flying! A laugh escapes you. But…but how? The wind?!? But I can’t control the wind! You look to your left, getting that feeling of someone watching you.

Jack’s bright blue eyes are only a couple of inches from your face.

You scream and jump back, the best way someone can jump back when they’re hovering a hundred feet in the air. You begin to descend rapidly, yelling for Jack to help, your hand outstretched towards him.

He flies down towards you and wraps his staff-less hand around your wrist. You immediately stop falling, instead feeling a soft wind envelop you, keeping you high in the air where you are.

“Don’t worry,” he says, chuckling softly. “I wouldn’t let you fall. You are the only person who can see and hear me, after all.”

You begin to gently descend.

You give him a menacing look in response as he places you on a rooftop. “That was not funny!”

He leans on his staff, one hand on the cusp of the hook, the other towards the middle. He shrugs and smiles a little. “Maybe not to you, but you gotta admit, that was a lot of fun.”

You blush and avert your gaze, not wanting to admit the immense amount of fun you just had.

He walks away from you a little, taking wide, swinging steps, his arms hooked around his staff, which he has slung across his shoulder line.

“Hey,” he says, turning around suddenly. You look at him from the corner of your eyes. “I want to show you something. Will you come with me?”

You nod slowly. Curiosity has gotten the better of you yet again.

“Awright!” he exclaims, his countenance growing downright joyful. He holds his staff regularly and indicates for you to hold out your hand.

You extend your arm towards him warily, eyebrow raised in suspicion.

He takes it and turns towards the horizon.

His hand is freezing cold. Even though yours is pretty cold from all that wind and sledding, it’s still warmer than his. But it’s an odd kind of cold. In fact, it’s so cold that it’s warm. No, not a so-cold-that-it-burns kind of cold. No…his hand is an extreme coldness that is backed with a very subtle humanlike warmth, kind of like the tender warmth provided by a mid-winter fire.

Your heart flutters at the sensation and the fact that you’re basically holding hands with the quite attractive Winter spirit. You shake your head to shake off the feeling.

He looks at you inquisitively. “You all right?”

You put on your best smile and nod. “Yup!”

He chuckles. “Okay, then! Off we go.” He looks towards the blank sky again.

“Hey, Wind!” he shouts into it. The wind begins to pick up, blowing into your face and making his slightly-spiked-to-the-left hair dance, his cape blowing back.

“Take me home!”
Chapter 9. Wow, already. It's another long one, guys. I hope I did well and up to your expectations!
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 8: [link]
10: [link]
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