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Despite the battle that you know must be going on for Jamie—for the children of the world, for hope, joy, and light—you somehow manage to fall into a restless sleep.

Maybe it had something to do with that moonbeam that wiggled its way through the canopy of dark clouds and flooded directly into your bedroom.

The moment sleep takes you, you’re transported into the realm of dreams.

You’re standing in an entirely white space. So pure, so devoid of anything corrupt. It goes on endlessly, stretching onward for all eternity.

Not knowing what else to do, you walk forward, your footsteps echoing even though you’re barefoot.

Just when you begin to think that you’re absolutely alone, you feel a presence behind you.

You cautiously turn around, bracing yourself for anything.

Well, just about anything.

Because what you’re now facing completely throws you off.

Or rather, who.

He stands no taller than four feet high. He’s dressed like a gentleman, with trousers that are a subdued gold color, black steel-toed shoes with white tips and heels, a long-sleeve white dress shirt whose sleeves poke out slightly from underneath a long dress coat that reaches down to his feet (and is the same color as his pants), and a shiny golden vest on top of the shirt but beneath the coat, a line of golden buttons on both sides. A matching pocket watch-looking item is stuck front-and-center on it, the dark cord connected to it reaching down his plump stomach and disappearing into his pants pocket. Tied around his neck is a big, bright red bowtie. A single, shockingly long blond hair sticks straight up from his bald head, ending in a curlicue that makes it look like he’s stuck a miniature shepherd’s staff on his skull.

His round face—complete with a button nose—is turned up towards you, his beady black eyes concentrated on you. He’s holding his hands behind his back, his lips curled into a soft smile.

He looks as though he’s seen you before. As if he knows you.

But you don’t recognize him in the least.

What seems worse is that, despite how badly you want to look away, you can’t bring yourself to do so. There’s something in his look, in his eyes. There’s something odd about him. As if his middle-aged appearance belies how old he truly is.

His eyes…so wise. So all-knowing. Beyond anything you have ever seen, a knowledge compiled over centuries and centuries, its roots in ancient times long forgotten.

MiM? you think, not wanting to say anything just in case you’re wrong. Plus, you feel like you wouldn’t be able to speak even if you wanted to.

His smile grows wider, his eyes twinkling like stars.

You return his smile with a confused one of your own.

You must be wondering why you’re here, you hear his familiar, soft, omniscient voice play in your head.

You nod.

I wanted to speak with you.

Before you can say—or rather, think—anything, his voice comes again.

I couldn’t very well transport you to the moon. Besides, dreams are sometimes more powerful things.

You kind of wish he would have taken you to the moon. What an adventure that would have been. But you’re not going to question the Man in the Moon’s decisions.

I have seen your actions, your selflessness, your sacrifices for the sake of the children of Earth, he says.

Ah, it’s no big deal, you respond, feeling yourself blush a little out of embarrassment.

He shakes his head. I cannot thank you enough. For that, for all that you have done. And so, I would like to reward you.

You furrow your eyebrows. A reward really isn’t necessary. But if he insists…

What reward could he be thinking about giving you?

He beckons for you to come closer to him. You kneel down on the ground, much like a hero about to be knighted, your eyes now level with his.

He then reaches inside his coat and withdraws something from the inner pocket.

Laying across both of his hands is a long stick, thicker at one end and finishing in a sharp point, that appears to be a diamond. It shines slightly, as if a single moonbeam is living within its crystal housing.

It’s out of this world, absolutely beautiful.

He holds the diamond above your head, which you instinctively bow.

This I do vow, he begins, the diamond shining even brighter, that no harm shall come to Jack Frost, the fifth Guardian of Childhood, the Guardian of Fun, in that his powers and abilities will be in no way affected by maladies brought on by love not only due to his own heroic actions, but also because those of the selfless, valiant deeds of this One before me, who is a Guardian in their own. The love between these two will flourish and last for all time, this One kept alive in memory even after passing. This, I, the Man in the Moon, known also by MiM and many other titles, who oversees the children of the Earth so that they may know light, who ventured forth from a distant land to come here by fortune’s hand, in the name of the Guardian before Guardians, do henceforth promise.

You feel a warm, tingling sensation sprout from the top of your head and spread through your entire body, the diamond sword shining brighter than ever before with a light equivalent to that of a million brilliant moonbeams.

You lift your head, smiling wide. MiM is holding the diamond directly before him once again. Its bright light hasn’t faded in the least. Oddly enough, though, it doesn’t hurt your eyes even remotely.

Thank you, you telepathically think to the small man, who gives you a small nod and kind smile in return.

The light grows even brighter. It soon envelopes everything in a dazzling white light, fading out all scenery, including the Man in the Moon, who was lifting one hand up at you in a silent farewell.

You awaken and sit up in your bed.

Your cheeks are damp.

But you’re still smiling.

You use your sleeve to wipe away the happy tears, laughing a little in spite of yourself.

You look outside your window, wanting to get a glimpse of the moon.

Ah, there it is. Still visible in the clear morning sky, warmly smiling down upon you.

Wait…the sky is clear. Fresh. You can practically hear the sigh of relief that the universe has breathed, see the joy and hope flooding back into the world.

Your heart racing wildly, you bolt out of your bed, practically flying through the house.

No more clouds, you think as you maneuver through room after room. Does that mean that…?

You fling open the back door.

You’re met by the sounds of children laughing, birds chirping, and air devoid of darkness. It’s a perfect, happy, sunny day caught in the middle of Winter and Spring. Your eyes trail from the sky to the end of your street, slowly surveying everything, double-checking that everything is safe and sound.

As your gaze comes up the street, you see North’s sleigh just down the hill from your house. The four Guardians—North, Tooth, Bunny, and Sandy—are all beaming up at you.

You feel yourself exhale quickly, your smile refreshed. They won…they defeated Pitch!

Hold on. One, two, three, four…Where’s the fifth?

Sandy waves, then points up at your hill, wanting you to look at something.

You follow his stubby finger’s line of direction.

And that’s when you see him.

There, standing in the middle of your yard, his staff in one hand, the other in the pocket of his hoodie. The sun makes his hair glint like freshly fallen snow, the frost on his blue hoodie glittering ever so slightly. He, too, is smiling—that wonderfully mischievous smile that he so often wears.

That you hold so close to your heart.

You can’t seem to run down to meet him fast enough.

You nearly trip over and fall when you reach him, and he holds out his staff-less hand in an automatic reaction to catch you. Luckily, you keep your footing.

“The-The Man in the Moon,” you begin, barely able to form a sentence in all your excitement. “He-ah-He told—No, no, he—In a dream, he—”

Jack pulls you into a hug, dropping his staff so he can hold you completely and without interference. He looks right into your eyes, his wintery blue ones focused on yours.

“I know,” he says, his voice soft. “He told me.”

“He…He spoke to you?” you respond, a little surprised. And yet, happy.

He nods. “Guess that’ll happen a bit more now that things are figured out and I’m kinda officially a Guardian now.”

“Oh, Jack,” you say, melting in his arms. “That’s fantastic!”

A small chuckle.

“It really is. And the best part…I get to be with you. That is, if you’ll have me.”

You successfully blink back a few joyous tears.

“I will.”


Your heart flutters. “Forever.”

He leans in, his lips just centimeters from your own.

(Your full name), I love you.”

You reach up to meet him, your eyes barely open, as are his.

“I love you too, Jack Frost.”

And the two of you kiss.

:snowflake: :snowflake: Eighty Years Later :snowflake: :snowflake:

You’re lying in your bed, facing the nearby window.

You specifically asked for a bed by the window.

Just so you can watch the snow fall.

Your son just left. He had come with his son, and then with them his daughter, your great-granddaughter. All of them with white hair often mistaken for being an extremely light blond, all of them with stunning blue eyes.

Your breathing is heavy. It stings just a little each time.

Your wrinkled hand pulls down the thin hospital covers. They make you far too warm for your liking.

It’s time to go soon.

You risk closing your eyes for just a brief moment. Just a little rest. You’ve so little energy. It’s all you need. Just a bit longer.

The small cold resting on your chest—as it has been for all of these years—grows a little colder.

Your eternal snowflake necklace.

You open your eyes.

“Hello, Jack,” you greet your new visitor, your voice small and shaky.

“Hey there, snowflake,” he says. He still looks exactly the same as the day you first met him so long ago, the years reflected only in his vibrant blue eyes, the same wintery color that he passed onto his children, and thus down the lineage. And even then, one really has to look to see these years. They’re masked behind perpetual youth and mischievousness, always telling of a readiness to have a little fun.

He takes a seat on a nearby chair after placing his staff on the wall by the window. Well, not really sitting. Crouching on the balls of his feet as he usually does.

A silent conversation passes between the two of you.

The both of you, in your decades together, have grown to such a level that words are no longer needed.

He takes your old, withered hand into his smooth, young ones.

There’s that cold backed by a subtle, nearly humanlike warmth.

It’s getting tougher to breathe. Your head is throbbing. A nap sounds nice.

You hear the crackle of something freezing suddenly. Looking past Jack, you see frost beginning to form on the window.

“A gift,” he whispers.

A parting gift.

The frost frames the border of the window much like back when he first decorated your bedroom window. Lush ice leaves swirl all around it, connecting large roses and snowdrops. But this time, the frost doesn’t stop in the middle. This time, it’s the two of you. Smiling together, side-by-side, you appearing as you did eighty years ago.

He produces a single snowdrop flower, its white petals shining by its own accord, and places it into your frail hand.

Your vision is fading in and out, his smiling face giving way to blackness and coming back again multiple times. You can’t keep your eyes open any longer.

He kisses your temple, a comforting, cool sensation spreading from the point of contact, taking your pain away better than any medicine can.

You close your eyes.

“Sweet dreams, snowflake.”

And an eternal sleep claims you.
The final chapter. I cried like a baby while writing this. Probably because it's the last chapter.
The longest chapter of them all. Makes sense, though, since it's the last one...
I'll be doing an epilogue (I know, seems like I don't need one, but I have this fantastic idea that I hope you guys will like).
I'll also be writing a journal expressing my feelings and stuffs regarding the end of this fan fiction after I get the Epilogue published. So hang tight. :)

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 63: [link]
Epilogue: [link]

I didn't do a spoiler alert on this one because it's kinda given that the Guardians win since it's a kid's movie... xD
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LegendofFullmetal Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I wrote a couple of side-stories (you'll find them in my gallery with Everlasting Snow). I do want to write another Jack story and actually started doing a Doctor Who-Jack Frost crossover fiction, but lost interest in it and life got busy. So now i"m looking for another idea.
153sangster Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
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DestrctiveEmily Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
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LegendofFullmetal Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you sosoooo much! I'm honored you took the time to read it all, and thrilled that you enjoyed it. :D I'll do my best!
XBunnybunz Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
Let me tell you a thing, dear writer, you are one of the most BRILLIANT people I have seen write on deviantart. This story is intricately weaved with the threads of true talent, a beautiful plot-line, and a generous dosage of love and devotion. I was completely enraptured with the beautiful ways you described the frost on the window, the crackling fire, and oh- so much more. This is whole reading session was not a chore (which, sadly, many Jack X Readers are) but an unforgettable journey. You managed to set up the story in a way so that I could feel the buildup of tension, the utter happiness and also- undeniably, bittersweet sadness. This was a brilliant read, and I gladly wait upon more of your works. Thank you for gracing us with this awe-inspiring story.
LegendofFullmetal Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to be entirely honest, I read your wonderful words at least 10 times over. Firstly, because I'm entirely in awe that people are still reading Everlasting Snow. Secondly, because you enjoyed it so much, and that thrills me to no end. Thirdly, because of your extremely kind words that seem to be exactly what I needed in my life right now. You made me grin from ear to ear and tear up with joy and thankfulness. I'm suffering from stress, and that's causing me to have serious writing/creative block, and a deep fear that I'll never make anything like Everlasting Snow ever again. I really don't consider myself particularly talented, like ES was just a fluke. And yet, when I logged on for the first time in ages yesterday and saw your comment, it inspired me. Motivated me. Gave me confidence. I guess I'd just like to say (to you and all of the other people who read and liked this story)...thank you for reading my story, thank you for all of your wonderful compliments, and thanks, most of all, for picking me up when I need it most. I absolutely love this community.

I'm also really, really sorry I didn't get around to replying to you sooner!! >.<
XBunnybunz Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
It's alright! I really did find your story quite enjoyable. I'm glad that my meager words managed to help you feel better in tough times, I just wanted you to know how much I loved your story. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'll gladly listen! For now, work hard to mantain that perfection you have with writing!
AnimeFreak1D Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how instead of the reader becoming immortal, the reader dies, it's so original! Out of all the Jack Frost x Reader stories i've read, this is by far the most deep and meaningful ending and story i have read. I like it was realistic, not all fluffy.
LegendofFullmetal Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad you enjoyed it (especially the ending)! I aimed to try and make the story as realistic as possible to keep it rooted in my readers' real lives, like the whole thing could be completely possible. It shocks me to hear that realistic endings like mine are rare, but it makes me happy to hear that you liked the realism in this story!! I absolutely love hearing comments like yours and want to thank you deeply for your compliments. :D
Fliddyfox Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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i got so many feels! I loved it! Ahhhh 
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Fire-star-14 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
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(awesome story by the way)
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im happy you decied to write it, it threw me back and forth, so im glad it ended happy-ish
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i  totally read Eighty as Eight and was almost confused as to why I was so old x3
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LegendofFullmetal Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
meaning that the intended audience of the movie was children, and so has things like happy endings because childrens' movies have them.

I think you have life stuck on Caps lock. :heart:
TalkativeTiaD Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ok XD I thought you meant it was a BABYYYYYY- no jk XD you wouldnt have made an EPICLY AWESOME STORY AND IM USING CAPS AGAIN XD
I'm sorry, I do that when I'm
sad (when its REALLYREALLY SAD)


btw mentioning your awesomeness in my journal X3
LegendofFullmetal Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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TalkativeTiaD Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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saved this to my computer btw XD
I tried printing it once, but the printer went crazy and now I have like, 5 copies of the first few chapters XDXD
I'm trying to shrink the text and get rid of the dang spacing between every paragraph XD but it's worth taking my time ^u^
LegendofFullmetal Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my xD so much effort, I'm honored that you'd go through all that just to have my story in hard copy! i think that maybe i might do another contest and the prize will be Everlasting Snow bound and signed by me...
TalkativeTiaD Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thanks! ^u^

and I want to read it at school (again XD) but I have to bring my laptop every day and my teacher doesn't want that XI plus it takes forever to set up XD
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*more late comments as usual*
I hate goodbyes, so I leave without saying goodbye because I know I'll be back (but I don't)
This story reminds me of a runner, or a horse. The ones that race well have a certain flow and shifting balance that let's them run at high speeds, a geometry to their movement. The framework and ornaments of this story are perfect, the characterisations with the same feelings as the time-worn magical holiday stories. All the subtleties of a sweet, pure love in the underpinnings of the tumulus of the world.
One of the most beautiful tales I have ever had the pleasure to read, Storyteller.
Thank you for keeping Belief alive!
LegendofFullmetal Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*more late replies as usual*
I'm so happy that you enjoyed it. Your compliment brought a massive smile to my face in its beauty alone, hahaha. Thank YOU for reading it. :)
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Lol xD
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Thank you, as always :)
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