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January 31, 2013
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Oh, how you’ve missed flying.

Feeling completely weightless as the wind envelops you, pushing you up and forward. Your hair whipping back, dancing in the wind. Your hand clasped in Jack’s, the odd yet wonderful cold backed by that deep, inner warmth spreading down your arm and through you as your cheeks and nose turn pink from the blasts of air as you travel at an incredible speed. The scenery blurred as it you race over it, treetops and roofs of houses uniting into flashes of uniform color, what few people there are looking like nothing but brief, tiny blips in radar.

You close your eyes for a bit, thoroughly enjoying the sensations.

The two of you make a quick pit stop back at your house so you can pick up your skates. Then you’re off again.

Before too long, you feel yourself descending as you arrive at the final destination.

It’s as if you never left it. It’s the same way as the last time you visited about a month ago. For that matter, it’s just about the same from the first time Jack ever took you here.

Jack’s “home.” Eternally picturesque. A living postcard. The lovely, isolated, serene, iced-over lake.

You take a deep breath as your feet meet with the snowy bank, letting the clean, pure air fill your lungs, cleansing your very soul.

You’ll never get enough of the landscape here.

“Shall we?” you hear Jack say, breaking you from your nature-inspired trance.

Following the sound of his voice, you see him standing just in front of you on the lake, his right hand stretched out towards you for you to take, his staff in his left. He’s gently smiling at you, his captivating, wintery blue eyes twinkling as they smile along.

After lacing up your skates, you place your hand in his, joining him out on the ice.

And the two of you skate.

Sometimes the two of you will pull of fantastic tricks, as if you’re a professional skating duo. The wind assists a few jumps, making the two of you go higher, sending your heart into a flurry as the two of you laugh in unison. Jack switches between gliding beside you and in front of you as he holds the both of your hands in his and goes backwards. He will also skate behind you, his hands either in yours at your sides or his arm wrapped around your waist, your hand on top of his other on his staff, his body close to yours as he matches his steps with your own.

You spend the majority of the time skating slowly around the lake in this intimate arrangement, talking to each other about anything and everything in the world besides the impending event that is the reason why the two of you are here in the first place.

You just want to hear each other’s voices.

Once the two of you are done skating, you flop over onto the snow, laughing like two, carefree people completely in love.

You make a snow angel. Then, about a foot away from you, so does Jack.

An exchanged smirk later, it turns into a competition to see who can make the best snow angel.

Soon enough, almost the entire bank around the lake is scattered with dozens upon dozens of perfect snow angels.

With no more space available, the two of you stand up, Jack looking quite proud of himself. He won. Just barely. But you won’t openly admit it.

“Oh come on,” he sighs, smiling wide. He points a taunting finger at you. “I won, and you know it. You can’t beat the king of winter! C’mon, say it!”

You shake your head as you take a step back, a mischievous grin on your own face.

“Come ooooooooon, its two little words!” He takes a step forward as you take yet another one back.

“Nope!” you tease, sticking your tongue out playfully at him. By now, the distance between the two of you is fairly large.

“All right then, I’ll make you!” And he starts to run after you.

Oh no, here he comes! you think to yourself as you turn in the snow, struggling a little since you can’t practically float on top of it like he can.

Needless to say, the chase doesn’t last too long. The gap between you quickly closes. He doesn’t really cheat and do something like use the wind, though. He plays fair and square. Well, as much as he can, anyway.

You have a feeling the truth is that he’s just conserving his energy for the trip back to the Pole, though, and would have just given up on pursuing you on foot and just flown over to you.

“Gotcha!” he exclaims as he wraps his arms around your waist, bringing the both of you tumbling down into the snow in a mess of tangled limbs and laughter.

You find yourself laying on your side beside him, your arms around him and his around you in a tight embrace.

The laughter dies down to soft chuckles, and eventually those give way to silent smiles.

He brushes away a stray strand of your hair, putting it back into place.

“Hey,” he quietly says, as if he needs to grab your attention.

“Hmmm?” you ask, playing along. This is really the perfect picture. Jack Frost, the spirit of Winter, embedded lightly in pure white snow, beautifully accompanying him and seeming to really bring out his wintery features…

He scoots closer, leaning his cool forehead against your own, his gaze locked on yours. You’re the only person in the world to him. You can just see it. You know the same is true for you. It’s just the two of you. Right here. Right now. Nobody and nothing else. Just you and Jack.

“I love you,” he whispers, the corner of his mouth still curled up into a fun-loving smile.

You’re still smiling as well. “I love you too, Jack.”

The both of you close your eyes as the two of you lean in.

The two of you say one more thing just before your lips meet. The world holds its breath, listening in for this final, almost inaudible word, stopping all things for this split second.


And you kiss.
School delayed me from publishing this, but its finally out!! So much fluff in this one. So much.
I had a little fun with it though. Definitely how I'd spend a final day with Jack. I hope that you guys enjoyed it.
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 47: [link]
Chapter 49: [link]
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