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January 26, 2013
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Your hand meets cold, satiny skin.

The two of you are frozen there for a few seconds, you with your hand still in midair, Pitch with his face turned to the side. Your expressions are the same—sheer shock. He never it saw it coming. You never thought you had it in you. It just kind of happened. As if out of instinct, from the depths of your brain, an out-of-the-blue reaction to a sudden wave of anger. You immediately regret it.

You just slapped Pitch Black clear across the face.

An extremely powerful, dark being who towers over you.

Knowing that you have to go with it, you stretch out the same hand, your tingling palm upwards and towards the staff.

“Give it here, Pitch,” you shakily command the Nightmare king.

He snaps out of it, rubbing where you hit him with his spare hand. “More of a fighter than the last I saw you, but I'll forgive that for now,” he mumbles under his breath as his cold eyes lock on yours. He then speaks directly to you. “I kind of like the thing,” he says as he plays with the staff in his hand.

You sigh but keep your hand outstretched. “What do you want? You said you’d leave us alone if Jack remained neutral.”

“Oh I did, did I? I don’t recall saying anything of the sort,” he says, looking up in pretending to search his memories. “I remember saying I’d let you go, but not necessarily that I’d leave the two of you alone.”

He chuckles as a look of realization spreads across your face.

“That’s right, bright one. I’m still after Jack.” He takes a step closer to you, holding your chin in his free hand, his fingers digging into your jaw. “You really think you could have him all to yourself? How selfish.”

“But he’s agreed to remain neutral, like you want,” you manage to say through the grip.

“Not much use as a neutral party,” Pitch responds, face contorted in disgust, as if touching you is contaminating him with an incurable disease. “He’d still be so much more useful on my side. Neutral until then is great. But I still need him at one hundred percent for when he does join me,” he adds as he lets you go, beginning to admire the staff. “Can’t have him be all sick-y.”

“Then why’d you do this to him?” you retaliate, a new anger boiling inside you. How dare he hurt Ja—

“I’m not the one who did this to him,” he says matter-of-factly, interrupting your train of thought.

“You...What?” you stutter, taken aback.

“That’s right,” he says, his voice as low as the shadows he comes from, grinning as he advances towards you once again. Is it just you or is he getting taller?

You take a step back, feeling very, very small. Your hand feels behind you for the door handle, but you don’t take your eyes off of Pitch.

You’re the one who did this to him. Who brought this upon Jack. None of this,” he continues, waving his hand towards the living room, “would have happened if you had never gotten involved with him.”

You feel as though someone has just punched you right in the stomach. You’re nearly ready to double over and collapse as if someone did, too. All of the air has been knocked out of you. Your eyes are open, but you actually see nothing, just staring blankly into Pitch’s dark figure, which is outlined by the light of the rising sun. You did this to Jack? But how? All you did was kiss him.

All you did was fall in love with him.

There’s nothing wrong with that…is there?

“You…you liar,” you gasp out at Pitch, your eyes meeting his.

He shakes his head, the maniacal smile still on his face. “I’m not lying. It’s all your fault, dearest.”

“But…but how?” you ask, wondering if Pitch can give you more information.

He shrugs. “Don’t ask me, I just know about the results, not the why or how. Not that I care about those little details anyway. Oh, but I know about one other thing.”

You raise your eyebrow as he chuckles.

He leans in, his long cheek by yours.

“I know how to cure him,” he whispers into your ear.

Once again, you find yourself surprised.

“Completely?” you ask, momentarily glancing over your shoulder at the living room as if you had a chance of seeing Jack.

A cure? Immediately available? No questions asked, no alarm raised?

Pitch stands back up to his full height, knowing that he has caught your attention. His smirk grows wider.

Woohoo, second chapter in a day! I'M ON A ROLL.
Finally. We get to give Pitch a piece of our minds.

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 42: [link]
Chapter 44: [link]
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