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January 16, 2013
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“Jack,” you whisper cautiously, eyes fixated on the moon.

You also reach out to tap his shoulder in hopes of gaining his attention.

Don’t, the voice comes again.

Your hand freezes in its motion.

You steal a quick glance at Jack, as if breaking your gaze from the moon will end the conversation. Well, something of a conversation, since you’re not exactly talking back to it.

He’s asleep, lips slightly parted, his chest rising and falling with each slow and deep breath.

Really? Sleeping. At a time like this? you think as you refocus on the moon.

You squint your eyes slightly, still not quite believing that the moon is speaking to you. Was something in the food that you ate today? Maybe it was just the wind. Or one of those times when you think you hear your name being called and after searching everywhere for the source of the call it turns out to be just your imagination.

You stare it down, waiting for the Man in the Moon to say something else.

Why did he stop you from waking Jack?

Just as you’re about to give it up and write the voice off as the product of a long day, the voice comes again. Kind. Caring. Wise.

I wanted to speak with you in private. Regarding Jack. And you.

Ah. That’s why.

“But—” you begin.

Shhh. Not aloud, the Man in the Moon tells you, wanting to prevent you from waking up the winter spirit.

You can…hear my thoughts? you ask, testing out the connection.

Yes. Now, what was your question?

You hesitate. Should you really be questioning a powerful being like the Man in the Moon? I was wondering…why you won’t talk to Jack directly. To tell him what you want instead of telling me.

Some things must be figured out on their own. For growth and development. And some answers simply come with time, one just has to have the patience to wait for them.

You tilt your head a little, but you nod in understanding. I see. So, what did you want to tell me?

Thank you.

Well, that caught you off-guard.

For providing company to a lonely soul. In believing, you have done more than you know.

You blush. Ah, it’s no big deal…

The Man in the Moon chuckles. It’s as happy, carefree, and innocent as a child’s laughter. You can’t help but smile, the moon seeming to smile back at you.

He will do something great, the moon continues. You look down at Jack, sleeping peacefully. The corner of his mouth twitches momentarily into a smile. Though I could not say what. His past and who he has become, the power he holds within, tell me so.

You look back at the moon, shining brightly despite all of its scars and craters. You recall your nightmares, with the brown-haired Jack. His past? Are you saying…?

Yes. He was someone before I made him Jack Frost. Every spirit, every Guardian, was before I chose them. But you must not tell him. It is not the right time or place. He must see for himself.

Even though you understand, you can’t help but want to tell Jack that he was once human. You feel like that would help him, as you had once promised to do. Though you don’t know much more than that. You don’t know who he was or what happened before he died. And perhaps that is why the Man in the Moon wants the information to remain secret, so Jack can have the whole story in one, better-timed revelation.

A final few words, the moon says.

Your heart drops a little in knowing that your chat will soon end.

Terrible things are about to befall the earth. I know of Pitch. It is only a matter of time before he makes his move.

You remember that the whole reason Pitch had captured you and lured in Jack was to get at the Guardians.

Can’t you do something before he does?

A pause.

There are certain places where moonbeams cannot reach. I do not know where he is and cannot act against him until he reveals himself.

But you have to do SOMETHING!

But the moon does not answer.

Man in the Moon? Hello? Mister Moon? MiM? you think, panicking.

Ah I remember once being called that. By a dear old friend. A light that shone bright in the deepest darkness, keeping me safe. ‘MiM’…

MiM, wait! you plea. You have so many questions, so many uncertainties. You fear for yourself and for the world. You don’t want the comforting voice of the Moon to leave.

Protect the children, he says, voice fading away.

For they are all that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be…

“MiM!” you shout.

But no response comes in your head.

Just the sound of Jack jumping slightly at the rude awakening.

“Huh? Wha?” he sleepily asks as he sits up, rubbing his eyes. “Did sumthin’ happen?”

He notices the sadness, panic, and deep loss in your eyes.

“Hey, you okay?”

You solemnly nod, forcing the emotions back. You mustn’t give away the fact that you just talked to MiM. You give him your biggest and best smile.

“Never better!”

He looks at you searchingly, scanning you for any signs of anything being wrong, any information at all.

Not finding any, he relaxes and returns the smile.

“All right, then, Snowflake,” he says as he stretches, shaking off sleep.

He wraps an arm around you, leaning his head on yours, which you now have resting on his shoulder.

And you return to your moon-gazing, basking in the soft silver beams of sparkling moonlight, the snowflake on your necklace twinkling along with the stars.
After a large amount of writer's block, Jack Frost AMV's and putting the RotG soundtrack on loop, the walls finally came down. Thank you for all of your support and for waiting so patiently!!!
The last line MiM says is from the Oath of the Guardians.~
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 35: [link]
Chapter 37: [link]

May I suggest listening to "Jack's Memories" or "Alone in the World" while reading this? I think it adds. x3 [link] or [link] , respectively.
I personally listened to "Jamie Believes." x3 [link]
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