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December 27, 2012
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It feels as though you have a breath mint resting on your lips.

At first, you’re shocked. You don’t know what to do. What the heck is happening? You don’t resist, but you just stand there, motionless.

The subtle scent of pine trees hypnotizes you and you give in, becoming less rigid and holding yourself closer to him. You close your eyes as well. You soon find yourself lost in the odd yet wonderful sensations provided by the kiss.

It’s surprisingly warm. Cold, yes, but the soft warmth that lies beneath his touch is stronger in this intimate act. The outer coldness makes him taste slightly minty, making your lips tingle oh so slightly. The kiss is as soft as snow falling gently on your face.

You feel so safe in his arms, enveloped in his embrace, his body held tightly against your own. You forget entirely about the dark surroundings, lost in his inner light. Your heart is racing. You can feel his own beating just as hard.

He slowly breaks the kiss, reopening his bright blue eyes. You open your own, loosening your hold on him. The two of you look deep into one another’s eyes for a few brief seconds.

He then seems to realize something, a gigantic blush spreading across his face as his eyes grow wide. He releases you and takes a few steps back.

“I-I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened. I just went and…I didn’t even ask…” he turns around, obviously ashamed.

You look down, embarrassed, a blush claiming your face as well. You touch your lips with the tips of your fingers. They’re still tingling a little. You smile briefly.

You’re completely confused though. The events of the day already stuck a bunch of questions into your head, and this only gave birth to a million more.

You see his staff at your feet, momentarily pushing the questions to the back of your mind. You pick it up and walk over to Jack.

“Here,” you say, holding it out to him. “You dropped this.”

Still blushing, he turns around and takes it from you. “Thanks.” He looks around at the forest. “I guess we should get you home.”

After a long and awkwardly silent flight home, the two of you find yourself on your porch once again.

The setting sun casts a warm glow on the snow in your backyard, painting with warm yellows and oranges and reds, dancing together in analogous color schemes.

“I’ll…see you tomorrow then?” you ask.

Jack nods, his white hair bouncing a little at the motion. He smiles, making your heart skip a beat. “Of course. And I’m sorry about…you know…”

You shake your head, cutting him off. “Don’t worry about it. Just let me think a bit, ok?”

“You got it,” he responds.

You wrap your arms around his torso, catching him off guard. He hugs you back, enclosing you in his familiar cold body temperature. He leans his head on the top of yours.

You let go of him and smile. You open the door. “Bye then!”

He chuckles. “Bye!”

You close the door behind you as you hear a gust of wind signaling that he has taken to the sky.

You slump against it, sitting on the floor, knees bent. You hold your head in your hands.

It can’t happen, you tell yourself. It just won’t work. He’s immortal, I’m not. He has powers, I don’t. He’s ages older than me, too, even though he looks and behaves young. I’m supposed to be helping him answer his questions, too. I can’t get involved with him like that. I’ll just be holding him back. Besides, Pitch said I’d regret the day I met him. I’m scared enough now of even hanging around him, and being romantic with him could make things even worse. I don’t want to put him into that kind of jeopardy.

The image of his face pops into your head. His smooth, pale skin. His snow-white hair. His deep blue eyes. His lips twisted into that customary mischievous smile.

His lips.

You feel your heart beat faster at the thought of him.

But…maybe I can help him better by being romantically involved, you think as you recall the incredible and unique first kiss. You know that there is no way that you’ll ever even begin to forget it. You shake your head. This is ridiculous. I can’t be falling for the immortal spirit of Winter, it’s impossible, it just won’t work out! I love Winter and all, but…but this is different…

You get up and head to the kitchen for a quick bite to eat before heading off to your room for an early bedtime.

After your humble dinner, you make your way to the bathroom. You look at yourself in the mirror. We’ll have to see how things play out, you resolve. The nape of your neck begins to bother you. You reach for it, feeling scabbed-over puncture wounds where the Nightmare had held onto you.

He may not want that kind of relationship anyway, you think as you dress your wound to the best of your ability, wincing. That kiss could have just been out of the spur of the moment. I’ll have to see what he does and wants.

You finish up your nighttime routine and crawl into bed.

I guess it will work out if it’s meant to be…

You blush lightly as you think of him again. He just won’t get out of your head.

Slightly frustrated with yourself for having romantic feelings for a mythical being, you close your eyes.

A delicate blanket of cold wraps around you beneath your comforter, seeming to hold you and reassure you. You enjoy its presence, not shivering in the slightest. A small smile finds its way onto your face.

Comforted, you drift off into a deep slumber.
Ah, questions questions questions. What will the next chapter hold, I wonder? Hmm.
I'm sorry if this isn't how you guys would think or anything...not my best chapter...(still fangirling myself over chapter 18) x3
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 18: [link]
Chapter 20: [link]
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