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December 14, 2012
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The fire crackles before you, telling you its history in a long-forgotten language. You sit on the floor in front of it, staring attentively back into its dancing flames, hypnotized by its tale that you can’t understand. It pops and bursts at moments of excitement, making your heart skip a beat even though you can’t quite figure out why.

Your fantasy book lays forgotten beside you as you listen, clutching to your hot chocolate and drawing your blanketed knees up as a makeshift table.

It’s quite talkative, really. But that tends to happen when you’ve been around for a very long time and someone finally sits down to listen to your story, even if they can’t understand you. You see, that’s the thing with fire. It can never quite get through its tale, whether it’s because it gets put out by the impatient or goes out because someone gets bored and neglects to fuel it.

All in all, it’s very excited that it has an audience today.

As the fire pauses and takes a breath from all of its crackling, you manage to break your gaze and stare out the window.

It’s supposed to happen today, you think to yourself. The news said so.

You’ve been waiting for this day ever since Spring came. It’s your favorite day of the year.

You continue to stare, as if you have power to make what you wish happen. “The Christmas Song” plays softly from your radio. You had forgotten that you even had the old thing on.

Then, slowly, it happens.

A few snowflakes drift down the window’s view. Then a few more, racing to keep up with their friends.

A wide grin spreads across your face. The first snow of Winter has finally come.

You leap to your feet, blanket falling to the floor and carelessly covering your hot cocoa. Despite the fire’s pleas to come back, you rush to your bedroom and throw your scarf around your neck, grabbing your gloves on the way out. Who needs a jacket? You’ve always loved the cold, so you really don’t mind it and are even pretty immune to it. You’ve preferred it over being hot, anyway.

You rush to the back door, struggling with the lock in all of your excitement. Looking briefly out the window, you notice that the few flakes have turned into a steady snowfall. A soft click tells you that the door has finally granted you access into the winter wonderland beyond.

You run outside, giggling to yourself. Once in the middle, you turn your face up to the heavens and stretch out your arms, letting the tiny flakes fall on your face and hair. You close your eyes, loving the feel of each snowflake as it meets with your skin. You decide to “catch” a few in your hands, watching them stay momentarily then melt away.

There’s just enough snow gathered on the ground by now that you can run your fingertips through it without touching wet dirt beneath. Time to put on those gloves.

It’s so beautiful, you think, staring out to the city beyond your open hilltop backyard, watching the snow fall and cover the earth.

Suddenly, a brisk wind blows that makes even you shiver a little. I guess there’s not much to do out here until there’s more snow on the ground, you think as you head back into the house. It’s getting too dark out here anyway. I’ll go back out tomorrow.

Just before you close the door behind you, you take another look back at the snow, smiling out of joy and wonder.

You watch the snow fall from your bedroom window up until you fall asleep that night. You can even hear a few out-of-nowhere winds blowing, making the trees dance.

Just before sleep takes you, another gust blows, and on it rides the chuckle of a teen boy…

You write it off as nothing, drifting off into a deep sleep filled with dreams of snow.
This fanfic used to not have a title. After I hit chapter 20, though, I figured it needed one. So now it is named "Everlasting Snow." Please see ch. 20 for an explanation behind it, if you're curious. :)

My first fanfic. I kind of want this to last a while, so we don't meet Jack in the first chapter. Please be gentle.
Thanks so much for reading it!!
If you reference this or post it on another site, please give me credit...
I do not own Jack Frost, nor Rise of the Guardians, nor the initial screenshot used in the icon for the preview image. All credit for those goes to Dreamworks, a band of true artists and geniuses.
Chapter links: [link]
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