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The Winchesters quickly learned that there was no point in making me wait in the polished Impala or motel room or whatever place they had deemed worthy of me staying "for your own safety, so you won't get killed."
Time after time, I had sensed something would go amiss while they were out completing the final task of a hunt. Time after time, I would save them by some miraculous action. "Psychic," they called me. And so, time after time, I had left the "safe place," not feeling even the slightest sense of fear. I had outgrown that a couple of hunts in. They had reassured my long-time suspicion that the things in the dark weren't just some fairy tale. And that somehow had helped me overcome the fear.
I had become a "hunter." That's what they called themselves.
The people who no longer shared the ignorance of believing the creepy crawlies in the shadows didn't exist.
Who shared a sense of not belonging anywhere.
And turned that into helping the other people of the world, often going unnoticed, without thanks from all besides those who had been directly involved. Vanquishing the things of the dark.
Much like the Dream Eater we encountered once.
It was the last time that Dean and Sam had left me behind at the "safe place." When they realized that they needed me. In fact, I was a vital part to this particular hunt.
Have you ever not been able to sleep before?
How about had a terrible nightmare?
Not been able to sleep because of that nightmare? Afraid you might return to it?
Chances are, something like this has happened to you.
Now, on occasion, this is completely normal. Humans just happen to have nightmares. But they tend to be balanced out by the number of dreams.
But imagine being subjected to nightmare after nightmare every time you shut your eyes for some R&R. And it turning into you refusing to sleep. For days. Weeks.
And then you yawn every couple of seconds. The headaches and ringing in your ears cause you constant pain. And your organs begin failing due to lack of recovery time.
Then, your lack of sleep kills you.
I had found the case, actually. The curiosity of a child. The Winchesters hadn't thought much deaths by "severe insomnia" until the article mentioned "6 cases in the past week." And then, a separate article from the same city describing 3 suicides.
And they were all children.
Death in numbers like that was always something to the brothers.
So we headed off to the town, which I will leave unnamed for purposes I need not disclose.
I stayed at the motel while Sam and Dean played FBI agents. They returned with nothing but an affirmation that the suicides and other deaths could all be categorized under the "death due to lack of sleep" category.
They had tried to narrow down the possibility of causes. Something in the food? Nope. A few of the victims had different diets than the others but had still suffered. Demon? Doesn't sound like it. Vengeful ghost that had died from insomnia? There was no town history to match it. No ectoplasm, either. Witch? They didn't find any hex bags or coins or anything of the like. Option after option, they had tried. And none seemed to match.
But they did have one thing. Three, actually. New cases of insomnia in kids who had had no history of trouble sleeping. Living zombies walking on the sidewalks.
Three more innocent lives in danger.
So...what could it be?
Out came the tattered old leather journal and a phone with a crotchety old drunk's number on speedial.
The journal was their dead father's.
The number was that of their living one. Bobby, was his name.
And then, a name.
Dream Eater.
A monster who feeds off of dreams because it has none of its own. And, in doing so, leaves nightmares in its wake.
The most powerful--and therefore most delicious--dreams?
Those of children.


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I've been drawing and creating since before I can remember. I love to draw manga characters, but do draw other things on the side. I can't color, so I just shade using whatever medium the drawing's in, usually a common pen or pencil. Unless I feel like I really want to color. I also construct, such as a precise, to-scale replica of Lightning's (FFXIII) sword, and I cosplay. I recently took up fanfiction writing...I've always loved to write stories and thought I'd test the waters there. Anyway, nice to meet you, thanks for visiting!~

asodfusdlf. My favorite part!!!

Me. Every time I see frost.

My name is Jack Frost, and we're going to have a little fun.

Jaaaack. I want a snow day. Pleeeease? c:

The fangirls are coming, Jack!

When he sees his fanbase.

Because he's powerful too. x3

...Time to watch the movie again.


Still a kid at heart. :3

Because human Jack is dang awesome, too.

Aw yeah.


I think that'll do it.
Please excuse me as I go fangirl.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jack Frost or any of these. I just found them and reposted them because of their sheer awesomeness for my own enjoyment. xD

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